Leadership and Equality

Are we all equal?
At work we may have different roles from each other, but this should not mean we are of lesser value based on employment status. The executive and the janitor both have roles which need to be filled by the organization. Someone needs to lead and someone needs to ensure the trash is put out. Sometimes the executive needs to put out the trash, and sometimes the janitor needs to be responsible for keeping people safe.

Working in a safe environment requires leadership that can get people working together, stilling divisive actions. Leaders also need to have a heart for the people, and a love for humanity. In the past the terms good and bad leaders separated behaviours based on outcomes, but in my opinion leaders are of one type, anything else is a temporary role of management.

In the 2006 movie 300, King Leonidas asked of the people wanting to join his team, “what is your profession?” One answered, potter, the other sculptor, and then blacksmith. The king goes on to say he brought more soldiers because his team was united in their response to the war cry… ‘Spartans’. They were equal united and strong in committment.

George Orwell’s quote reminds us of inequality, and at the same time the lack of differences. How we treat each other and ourselves will determine our strength as a team at work. Great leaders unite.
During this pandemic good leaders have emerged, all equal with one voice to stop/control the spread of this cornavirus.

Thank you for reading and adding to the discussion.

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2 Comments on “Leadership and Equality

  1. Great post Donna. How we treat others shows how equal we are and are we really humans? God has done a wonderful job by creating humans. Now its our duty to keep this wonderful as much as we can.

    Also this is a nice birthday gift you have received. Keep enjoying with this.


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