Month: July 2020

Leadership and Equality

Are we all equal?At work we may have different roles from each other, but this should not mean we are of lesser value based on employment status. The executive and the janitor both have roles which need to be filled by the organization. Someone… Continue Reading “Leadership and Equality”


Life is about how you see it. If you think you are stuck in one place with no way out, you are limited by your options – and your mindset. When you can see options and opportunities in your life it is easier to… Continue Reading “Options…”

do you like me?

Marketing and Social Media should be best friends. This is critical for products and services to reach their targeted market in the competitive consumer environment. I’m a ‘supermarketaholic’ and enjoy visiting the biggest store close-by. Walking the lanes is both nostalgic and different today. Nostalgic because… Continue Reading “do you like me?”

The Agile Organization

Transitioning to an adaptable operating business model is needed now, as every business seeks to find a path towards sustainability. What is the best way forward, and the ‘new normal’ is different for everyone. When facing a struggle, survival is key to staying alive.… Continue Reading “The Agile Organization”