Changes 2020

Mayaro, Trinidad. 2019

New world, new normal…

20 years ago, there was no Facebook, but when it came, everything changed with communication, sales, marketing and life. A catalyst was needed for others to think out of the box more urgently than ever before. Suddenly everyone could do better, and that was good for the development of social media as we know it now.

Recalling MySpace with a bit of trepidation and mistrust seems quite laughable now.  Wanting to cross the barriers of the brick and mortar divide was not a thought for many, as the possibility of a sci-fi reality was only in the movies and not real life. Fast forward to today and reality TV and the way we can connect with personalities who live in the public eye by choice. The shared messages of ‘real life’ are streamed, downloaded exchanged, shared via messaging platforms and influencing decisions, hopes and dreams.

In walks the entrepreneur and the fascination of creating something new, innovating with game changing behaviours, and hoping to land the ‘next big win’. Recently, I discovered a great idea which had been in its developmental stages, filled with excitement and hope had been innovated and trademarked by Microsoft. Indignation was fleeting, as my fascination to uncover the answers to questions formed stared back at me in Microsoft 360.

Coronavirus Covid19 has come at the best of times when as a global society we have peaked in technological advances and communication access. Yet we cannot seem to discover and communicate solutions fast enough, as the art of listening remains in the background of spurious actions. Indeed we need a way to capture all in data flying in the clouds and have a sci-preneur step up and connect the dots; giving a process of data analysis which can distract from professional mould of how things are presently done, and how things can be without the barriers to real communication and understanding.

There is a global problem and a new way of fixing for tomorrow is needed. As the planning starts about lifting a lock-down and resuming life, the road ahead needs to be built, and sadly, those with theories which worked before must now look into what they do not know, and start something new with the best that remains form the old.

Let’s all put our thinking caps on and go where no man has gone before – into the future.

© Donna-Luisa Eversley & DWORDSLAYER, 2020. All Rights Reserved

2 Comments on “Changes 2020

  1. Thanks Ria, Agreed, normal is based on present day rituals, and no longer on customs as in the past. Very interesting times!


  2. Thanks Donna, this is a goo writting
    New normal will make us learn more day by day how to live as our normal life before.


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